06 November 2005

@ Utrecht University

As one enters the university campus De Uithof the Minnaert Building is one of the first building you see.

The Campus is full of ‘Highly-Celebrated Buildings’ designed by ‘Highly-Celebrated Architects’.
Here’s two of them-

  1. The Educatorium by Rem Koolhaas/OMA (1997) - A great building which we unfortunately couldn't enter. With trademark - continuous floor plain.
  2. The Basketbar by NL Partners (2003) - This innovative Bar won the Rietveld Prize and is a great success with the student (but sadly only in Summer because of the stupid dutch weather).
The University Library by Wiel Arets has to be the highlight of this Campus. An amazing building with some very interesting spaces. It took over 7 years of designing and building to put this Master piece together, and I should say it shows.
With a simple repetition of a bamboo pattern on its concrete and glass surfaces this building achieves a great complexity its it's surface textures and lighting quality.
The visual flow of the floor plains in this building is amazing given the fact that it use only conventional stairs and voids to do this (unlike in the OMA building across the street where these plains physically flow into each other)

The interior of the whole building uses only three colours - Black, White and Red - but still manages to give a feeling of a very colourful space.

This one is the NMR building - by Ben van Berkel's UN Studio (2001).

With what I like to call the 'typical AA section', where all the corners are rounded.

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