17 October 2001

Snaps from Shimla

Snaps from a great week in Shimla (16th oct to 23rd oct 2001)

Shimla in the northern part of the country is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and used to be the Winter Capital of India under the British Empire. Actually I can't think of any thing else to write about Shimla.

Some city-scapes to refesh our memories
En route to Mall road
In the old market
Walking on....
Some where in Shimla
This one from the terrace of the 'local Architect' who gave us some 'local gyaan'.
I'll end the city(Shimla)-scapes with this panorama of the Southern Slope of Shimla.
And here's the good old tourist map.

Timepass in Shimla

Some snaps of the people....

@ Lower Mall
I can remember the hot Tomato Soup from the Ridge.

@ the Ridge
On the ridge - just going to start to the summit of Shimla

In the background the famous church that also featured in 'Black'
Close to the highest point in Shimla
Rajvi and Shivani in the hotel room.
Happy Birthday Amol !!!
Oh come on man - don't get senti...
And finally it was time to leave...
But a few of us were fortunate enough to carry on for our extended trips.

More snaps from the extended study-trip soon.....

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