10 June 2000

Goa (Study trip)

Let me start with a very clich├ęd image of Goa.
The famous Spanish Steps
And our design site - 'Fountainhas'
Remember the hotel where we stayed?

'Ticlo Resort' at Calangute
And here's another view of the site.
A few snaps from some of the architecture we saw there.

Cida de Goa by Charlie
Here's one of the lobby of the same resort.

One more of Charlie's Projects - The Kala Academy.
Check out Mies and Corbu...
And the last one

Did you know : In this particular project the pergola is made of actual Bamboo
The courtyard of Bon Jesus
And some snaps from the beautiful churches of Old Goa

The most significant one being - Bon Jesus
This beauty was in quiet a bit of ruin.

I wonder if this has been restored?
Most of these are mini-replica of famous churches in Europe.
And heres a few snaps from the very famous Fort Aguada
Staircase to the dungeons
Last one from here....

And here starts the TP

Working at Fountainhas
Look at everyone here - boy we've grown up!
Cool dude - Ashfaq
Party in Ticlo
This one seems a nice ending shot for this trip.

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