22 November 2010

Weekend in Daman

Went to the tiny former Portuguese enclave of Daman in the Indian state of Gujarat* with office colleagues for a quick weekend trip.

Here's a few photos of some of the Portuguese structures that dot the city -
The smaller city fort known as Nani Daman

Above the main fort of the city known as Moti Daman,
the next 7 photos are of structures within this fort....

The old lighthouse at the seaward edge of Moti Daman

The beautiful ruins of a Dominican Monastery

Church of Bom Jesus, with its richly carved doorway and the highly decorated interiors.The above and below photos are from the inside the Lady of Rosary Church (which is just next to the other church) has very elaborate carved statues and grand paneling done in an interesting blend of Gothic and Byzantine aesthetics.And to end this post here's a few photos from the city's famous (but horribly dirty) Devka Beach
* Technically Daman is a union territory of India and not part of Gujarat, but for all practical reasons its too small to exist on its own and is a part of Gujarat.

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