28 October 1998

The KUTCH Study Trip Blog

Down memory lane and this trip was a great beginning to our life's at KRVIA.

I thought that it would be great to revisit all of my trips done at the KRVIA and to put some snaps online for some of us to get a bit nostalgic sometimes. (So watch this Blog for there is a lot more going to come on it from our past).

I had asked on the dates of all our trips so that I could blog them in the order and this trip was during Gaurav's Birthday in 1998 and therefore a lot easier to place a date on.

Check out (Hiren, Neel, Uttam, Dharam, Gaurav, Ninad, Sonu) - Gifting Gaurav his birthday pack of Condoms.

At the entrance of the village.

I've heard that this landscape has drastically changed since our visit there. There are supposedly many more concrete structures now.

Along what could be called the main village street.
Some more images of the famous - 'Bhungas'.
The Bhungas at the edge of the village.
A slightly more private corner.

One more of the 'edge condition'.
A broken Bhunga.

from Bhuj

Some Images of the Palace in Bhuj.
But Sadly this Palace didn't last the massive earthquake.

from Mandvi

And a few from the ship making yard at Mandvi.
Check out Mr. Dharam Mehta.

Some Timepass Snaps

Snaps from our first trip as a class can not be complete without a bunch of these timepass photos.

Ekta, Amrita and Rajvi
Ruju, Pooja,Ruchika and Priyanka
And a couple of the 'Campfire Singers'.
Ninad, Neel, Ashfaq and Amol
Urvashi, Monish, Suyash, Priya and Ruchi
And last but not the least.
Dharam, Gaurav('s eye), Megha, Urvashi, Avani, Dnyanesh and Neel

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