30 September 2005

Kralingse Lake

The Kralingse Plas or simply the Kralingse Lake is about 10 mintues by cycle from the Berlage. It's a great place with two windmills and some amazing woods around.

Please note here in the Netherlands all names are stupidly difficult and never read as they as written. So Kralingse is read something like Kralingan

26 September 2005

This Art Museum is suppose to have the best collection of art work in Rotterdam. Yet to go in though.

25 September 2005

At one end of the NAI building there is this installation which looked like something out of a Lebbeus Woods book and guess what it is designed by him.

24 September 2005

Open Market

On Binnenrotte (near the Blaak Station) here in Rotterdam there is a Open Market that springs into action on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays . This is the only time that you actually get to see a lot of people in this town. Besides the people you also get allmost anything you want here.

Check out the difference on the same street/plaza on a Normal-day and on a Market-day.

23 September 2005

Blogging from Rotterdam

Finally! I've made it to Rotterdam - here I will be pursuing my postgraduate studies in architecture at the Berlage-institute.

Let me start my blogging from the Netherlands with this snap of the cubes houses, this is barely walking distance from my school here.

Erasmus bridge

This bridge by Ben van Berkel is the city's ultimate architectural icon.

The NAI has exhibition spaces, library and one of the world's most important collection of -architecture, interior, landscape and urban planning- drawings, models and photographs in its archieve.
I'll stop today with this one.

This one was clicked late last night in the stilt are of the NAI.

14 September 2005

Dubai Blogger

After a long while I'm leaving India, and something tells me this one is going to be a long trip.

This is the latest in the Mall-scape of Dubai. (I mean Latest for me).
Quiet a cool 'Concept-Mall', based on the journeys of the famous Arab explorer Ibn Batuta.

08 September 2005

Juma in Delhi

A few images from the biggest mosque in India

Built in 1658 by Shahjahan this magnificent structure covers an area of over 900 sq.m and the minarets are over 39m in height.

The grand prayer hall.

The construction style of this mosque is very similar to that of Humayun's tomb (Which in my opnion is the greatest Moghul building).

From the Ablution tank.

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore built by Aurangazeb is suppose to be very similar to this one. (Someday I hope to go there to check it out along with some other great Moghul buildings)

Chandni Chowk

Visited Ruchika's site today. As crazy as ever - jammed with traffic, overflowing with people, all sorts of food to eat, skies full of Black-kites... I love this place

One more from Chandni Chowk, this time with the Red fort in the background.
The Red fort as seen from the Juma Masjid

01 September 2005

A Google map tracing my travels across the globe

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  • In Red cities where I have lived (more than one month);
  • In Blue cities with entries on this blog;and
  • In Yellow cities with no entries yet.