08 September 2005

Juma in Delhi

A few images from the biggest mosque in India

Built in 1658 by Shahjahan this magnificent structure covers an area of over 900 sq.m and the minarets are over 39m in height.

The grand prayer hall.

The construction style of this mosque is very similar to that of Humayun's tomb (Which in my opnion is the greatest Moghul building).

From the Ablution tank.

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore built by Aurangazeb is suppose to be very similar to this one. (Someday I hope to go there to check it out along with some other great Moghul buildings)

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Chintan Raveshia said...

i think nothing till now but your photographs of, both, delhi and kerala, are enticing me to go back to india as soon as possible and do an "india trot", rather than a globe trot

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