31 December 2004

Jaipur ( Exotic ?? )

..... the place surely is marketed that way … and that's what
all the guides tell you when your there … "It's the land of the
Maharajas and amazing palatial architecture"….They are constantly trying to make you go ooooohhh and woooowww!!

And as for the number of Elephants – Even at other exotic tourist's locations like my very own Kerala (which also happens to be on the elephant's home turf) – doesn't have soo many of them walking around the town and give a lift to tourists from all over. This place also seems to have the highest density of snake-charmers in the world.

FACT - Did you know that in terms of the phirangs that come to India every year that Jaipur is the MOST visited site in India (Yes - Most visited, even more than Bombay, Delhi, Goa or even Agra) – Now this surely has something to do with Exotic value.

But the funny thing is – Jaipur is an amazing city and all these
'exotic' facets only add to her beauty.

26 December 2004


Went for a trek to the Kohoj Fort (in the middle of no where) far away from Palghar, around 100kms. North of Mumbai. And if it wasn’t for the great company of Manish and Koranne I would have given up very soon.

Though we had a rough idea at the start that it won’t be easy, we had no idea that the only way up was almost all the way around the mountain winding up on all sides of it before eventually reaching the ruins of the Fort up above.

The views of the surrounding landscape was great but I would like to go there once again but next time just after Monsoon so the plains would be greener and the weather hopefully much more plesant.

19 December 2004

Blogging - Alibaug

Had a great weekend with Somu and Neel in Alibaug. And now I know for sure that Neel's mysterious Uncle does exist (actually I'm not sure but at least he has a house in Alibaug that does exist).

We drove all the way south to see the scenic Korlai Fort facing the mighty Indian Ocean. The Village around Korlai is very unique in the fact that the residence of this village speak a language that exists no where else in the world (a strange mix of Portuguese and Marathi)

Here's what we saw from the fort.

20 November 2004

Kerala Trip

Though none of the Photos are actually of 'HOME', this is what I remember when I think of home.

Some more from Kerala, but this time from the small town of Payangadi in Kannur District (this is where my dad grew up).

26 September 2004

Talegaon, Near Pune, Maharashtra

Went for a quick trip to Talegaon (via a night stop in Pune to check out the famous Ganapatis there). Also managed to squeeze in a quick view of the Bhuddist caves of Karla

Thanks guys for a great time. Especially Ninad for his place in Talegaon and Somu for all the driving

05 September 2004

From my 'sunday home'

These from the Sanjay Ghandi National Park in Mumbai

These were taken at the famous Kahneri Caves deep inside this National Park.

25 July 2004

Music Video of Matheran trip

This music video was shot today at Matheran (Maharashtra India) while with my friends on a trek there. The title track from the famous hindi movie - 'Lakshya' is used as the background score.
(Yeeeeppyy ... Google Video now allows me to blog my videos on Blogger.)

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