31 December 2004

Jaipur ( Exotic ?? )

..... the place surely is marketed that way … and that's what
all the guides tell you when your there … "It's the land of the
Maharajas and amazing palatial architecture"….They are constantly trying to make you go ooooohhh and woooowww!!

And as for the number of Elephants – Even at other exotic tourist's locations like my very own Kerala (which also happens to be on the elephant's home turf) – doesn't have soo many of them walking around the town and give a lift to tourists from all over. This place also seems to have the highest density of snake-charmers in the world.

FACT - Did you know that in terms of the phirangs that come to India every year that Jaipur is the MOST visited site in India (Yes - Most visited, even more than Bombay, Delhi, Goa or even Agra) – Now this surely has something to do with Exotic value.

But the funny thing is – Jaipur is an amazing city and all these
'exotic' facets only add to her beauty.

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