26 December 2004


Went for a trek to the Kohoj Fort (in the middle of no where) far away from Palghar, around 100kms. North of Mumbai. And if it wasn’t for the great company of Manish and Koranne I would have given up very soon.

Though we had a rough idea at the start that it won’t be easy, we had no idea that the only way up was almost all the way around the mountain winding up on all sides of it before eventually reaching the ruins of the Fort up above.

The views of the surrounding landscape was great but I would like to go there once again but next time just after Monsoon so the plains would be greener and the weather hopefully much more plesant.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude !

ur blog had everything i wanted to know about kohoj.....it really helped me organise my trek better.

Thanx a ton

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