28 October 2010

'Happy Marriage' in Chennai

Spend yesterday at a dear friend's wedding in Chennai and I had no idea that it was going to be an awesome (big fat) Tamil wedding ...

The guy who got married - Arasu - is my one of my oldest friends .. in fact we studied from kindergarten to the end of high school together in Dubai... and it was great to go for his wedding ..

Here's a few photos from the wedding..

Starting with a couple of photos of the wedding hall:

....as expected the gods were present to look over the events of the days ..
.....but I was completely unprepared for a freaking elephant attending the wedding !!!
... the elephant however was kind enough to give blessings to everyone !!!

Like most wedding in India the main reason to attend here too was the feast - some Great South Indian food in this case..
...then there was a lot of music which was oddly kinder to my eyes than to the ears... :-)And I'll end this post with an image of people lining up for their turn to go up on stage to wish the newly weds a 'Happy marriage' ...

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