30 August 2005

Went to IndiaGate last night with Ninad. The last time we were there was after our Shimla trip way back in 2002 (that was such a great trip - hopefully I'll post a few photos from then soon on this blog).

27 August 2005

Without travel there is no Sahil

I'm back on the move and this time I'm in Delhi (Where I've come to pick up my visas for Europe).

This is where I'm staying in Delhi - @ my Aunt's place in the Asian Games Village.

I have to say compared to the Housing project designed by Raj Rewal in New Bombay - this one seems to work quiet well for the climate and context of Delhi.

25 August 2005

Women in Saris - ROCK !!!

Back home in Kerala, we like our women in Saris
(so what, if she is a top 50 WTA player)

In fact, shes all over Calicut town.

24 August 2005

@ the Tusharagiri Falls

The very popular Tusharagiri Waterfalls. It's a great place for trekking - Guaranteed amazing sightings of birds, butterflies and Dragonflies.
In Calicut Distt., Kerala and just over an hour's drive from my house in Calicut.

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