21 March 2006

Weekend in Paris

Just recovering from a jam packed action sight seeing weekend in Paris.

Went there on my own and saw the city at my pace (i.e. Super-fast), since I had been there before in July of 2003 I would afford to skip quiet a few sights. However, my new camera disagreed with the proposal of skipping all the ones that I had already seen.

These snaps (though very Postcard touristy stuff) made my trip worth while.

There were some contemporary projects that I had skipped last time (like the Institut du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel) that I had to see this time.

Here's some more of the Postcard stuff.

The real reason to go to Paris however, was to study the La Defense area of Paris as part of my studio research at the Berlage. So here some pics from there -

Lastly, heres a snap I've been wanting to take since a long time. Here's myself (or should I say myselfs) at the Bibliothèque nationale de France by Dominique Perrault

(Check Architect's offical Website - HERE)

11 March 2006

Party time Rotterdam

Had a great party last night at my place because it was Juan's (my house-mate) birthday and to add to the celebration I also became an Uncle. My brother has a son now.

Here's the whole gang. I have to say it really was an impressive turn-out last night.

07 March 2006

Scottish blogging

Just back from a 5 day trip to Scotland. Here's some of the highlights -

Day 1(1st March 2006):
Reached late in the afternoon, so got time only to see one of the most important tourist sights of Edinburgh - 'The Royal Mile'.
This road leading from the Edinburgh Castle down to the Holyrood Palace (the Queen's official residence here) is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and as you would expect is every bit cliche touristy.

Day 2
(2nd March 2006):
Went back up to the Castle and walked around most of the Old town to see more touristy stuff.

A large part of the town has been taken over by some sort of Touristy activity or Museumification.

However unreal, I loved that lost in time feeling.
Above is a project by the famous town planner Patrick Geddes.
Day 3(3rd March 2006):
Did a quick dash of Glasgow to check out some works of famous Glasgow architect -
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Also managed to squeeze in a few contemporary project like the Armadillo by Norman Foster
(Check Architect's official website for more on this project - here- Check for SECC Conference Centre)

And this Glasgow Science Centre by one of the world largest architectural practices - Building Design Partnership.

Though very different from Edinburgh this city too had a very nice sense of timelessness at least in the city centre.

Day 4(4th March 2006):
Yet another quick dash, but this time to see something much more strange and mysterious. Through the Scottish highlands sitting for more than 3 hours in the bus looking at some of the most amazing landscapes possible.

Meandering through the mountains and driving along hundreds of lakes till finally I got to Loch Ness and the Urquhart Castle on its banks.
Loch Ness is the home of one of the best-known mysteries of Cryptozoology* - the Loch Ness Monster
Check out more about the Loch Ness Monster @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loch_Ness_Monster

Though I didn't get a glimpse of Nessie I had by own bit of fun being a Viking (at least for a few minutes).

(* - Cryptozoology is the study of animals that are presumed to exist, but for which conclusive proof is missing)
Day 5 (5th March 2006):
I spend the last day back in Edinburgh checking some contemporary Architecture. I went to see the Landscape garden of the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art by famous architectural critic Charles Jencks.

And last but not the least the inspiring Scottish Parliament by Catalan Architect Enric Miralles.

Though I have to admit at first look from the outside I hated it, it's completely grown on me.
The guided tour of the space is a must for every architect visiting Edinburgh, even if you might hate Miralles and his approach towards architecture.

You can see very strong influences of his hometown architect - Antonio Gaudi- in the way the light and volumes flow within the various spaces of the building.
I'll end with this the view of the Parliament from halfway up Arthur Seat (one of the best look out points in the city of Edinburgh).

01 March 2006

Back in Rotterdam

Got back to Rotterdam* last night and this was what I saw from my window this morning.

Finally !!! I'm in a city were it snows - Yeeeeppyyy!!!

* - (but not for long)

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