23 November 2005

Look what I found ...

Even though at times I get super bored of this sleepy town where everything shuts at 5:00 (by which time it's already dark) there are some things that are very nice here. One of these things is people's habit of leaving stuff they don't want at there door so that someone can take it and use it. It's just too expensive to throw away anything because the municipality charges a lot for your trash.

Last week I found a perfectly working vacuum cleaner and this week it was something a bit bigger.

But, I have to say it was stupidly heavy.

Check the installation in the back by Coop-himmelblau.

Although we (my room mate - 'Juan' and me) had great fun taking it half way across Rotterdam.

Mobile Phone OR Mobile Sofa

And as usual my house doesn't have a lift, and living on the third floor made the last 30 minutes of this journey - HELL.

This is how we were able to do this impossible task.

Thank God that Juan's bike was strong enough.

And lastly the greatest achievement of the extremely interesting night was for the first time in two months of being here people on the street acknowledged my existence.

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Anonymous said...

this is surreal...

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