06 November 2005

Museum Night @ Utrecht

Utrecht - the third largest town in the Netherlands played host to a very interesting event yesterday "Museum Night". We* left Rotterdam in the afternoon and spend a good 14 hours in this great city.

We started off seeing the Utrecht University Campus with its great collection of Architecture and as it got darker we headed towards the City Centre where all the Museums of the town are. On this one day of the year all the Main Museums and Galleries in the town are kept open till 01:30 and they have special shows and events organised in and around them.

Though most of these were quiet ordinary the overall idea/spirit/event was great. People also call it the 'Museum Marathon', because you really have to run to finish all of them in one night.

A few random shot of the Canals around the City Centre (very Amsterdamish) and the bottom right image is one of the Exhibition halls with some Video Installations

We* - Myself and fellow students at the Berlage Institute

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Anonymous said...

what the hell man, you've actually taken an upskirt picture!!!!! mujhe tumse yeh umeed nahi tha...

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