04 November 2005

My First Eid in Europe.

Eid Mubarak !!

Finally after a month of Fasting celebration time is here. This morning I went for my Eid Prayers to the Mubarak Mosque in The Hague (it's some 40 minutes from Rotterdam by Train to The Hague).
Being my first Eid in Europe I was a bit sceptical about what do expect from this experience - also given the coldness of the Eid Prayers of my past few years in Mumbai - but I should say I was pleasantly surprised to be enjoy an interesting prayer sermon which kept jumping languages from Urdu to Dutch - One which I could mostly understand and one that I was trying really hard to understand (but with almost no luck).

As I tried to figure out things amongst the mostly Pakistani gathering who spoke Dutch somebody announced for everyone to go down to the basement for some sweets and here waited for me my best moment of this year's Eid - a bowl of warm Sevia Payasam (Vermicelli Pudding). This Pudding coupled with the warmth of the people surely makes me want the next Eid to be here soon.

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Anonymous said...

i'm afraid i must correct you here. you were "sceptical", not sceptic. i insist. english is one of the few things im good at and id like the world to know.

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