09 April 2006

Touring the Netherlands

Day 1-

Under the pretext of Neha* and Pragya's visit to the Netherlands I took this advantage to see the Netherlands parts that I had already and some that I hadn't properly, but not soo much as a tourist but more as a guide.

And lucky for them the first day of their visit was an exciting day in otherwise boring Rotterdam, with the city placing host to an important sports event - the annual Rotterdam Marathon.

If only for a day the city completely transformed into a lively environment. Hopefully, this is what Spring will be like here :)

I've been planning for such a panning shot since long but never managed it. So happy to get my first one.

And the last set of the day shows my only strong connection to Bollywood - the few Indian stalls in the local weekend market, selling all the latest movies of Bollywood - Pirated of course (for only 2 Euros a DVD, cheaper than back in Mumbai - wow).

And one more panning shot.
(* - Neha was here too short)

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