15 April 2006

Cubes and Kunsthal

Day 6 -

Last day of traveling, I need to get to work now for all the projects and reviews that are coming up. So once again a bit of Rotterdam seeing.

Here's what the Cube houses look like on the insides (Inside the courtyards and inside the units).

One of the units is now a Museum, I have only two things to say about them -1. It's bigger that it looks from the outside 2. It's extremely disappointing.

The house inside is extremely conventional and the architect didn't in any way use the potential of the inclined surfaces to make the house experientially interesting. It an ordinary crammed house but with inclined outer walls. Simply saying boring.

And lastly, yet another great OMA project- Kunsthal - buildings like this makes me think that Rotterdam is a great place after all.

In this building of Galleries Rem and his team at OMA explore new spaces and experiences through very simple techniques.

However, the most interesting element of the building is the fact that the building itself is almost cut into two halves by a public street that passes through it connecting the Museum park behind it to the main street in front of the building.

By this simple juxtaposition of two extremely contradicting functions the building has a strange dialogue with its context.

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