11 April 2006

Kröller-Müller Museum

Day 3 -

The Kröller-Müller Museum and sculpture Garden deep inside the Hoge Veluwe National Park has to be one of the best Museums that I have been to for many reasons.

The art works are great, the buildings and Pavilions are great too and the site and setting couldn't be better. If an hour of cycling (from the main entrance to the Museum) through some of the most serene Dutch landscapes wasn't enough the art collection is worth more than what I can describe.

And then there are the great pieces of Architecture. The next two slides show pavilions by two famous Dutch architects that were actually not designed for this specific site, but were based on earlier pavilions designed and executed by them elsewhere (the original version however, where demolished after the respective functions were fulfilled).

The first one (above) designed by Rietveld, is more a piece of sculpture itself. One can see his strong De-stijl approach here.

Meanwhile the next one, rebuilt here very recently, is much more dynamic in what the architecture has to offer to the users of the space vis-a-vis their interaction with the pieces of art. Here the architect Aldo Van Eyck (who was also a member of Team 10) forces the users to think and act differently to the sculptures making it a very interesting experience.

And lastly(below), far away from the Museum and sort of back in the real world I saw this crazy entrance gate to the National Park designed by none other that the energetic practise of the trio of MVRDV.

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