04 February 2006

Rotterdam Film Festival

An amazing week of movies, people, parties and excitement. Something I had got used to not having anymore in my life. At least didn’t have any of that here in Rotterdam. But that all changed the last week.

The International Film Festival was greeted my a very different Rotterdam. One that was filled with energy and people (I know sounds strange right?).

Final got a chance to see some great architecture in this city (where I have been for 4 months).

Though I ride by the Pathe (see below pics) almost everyday I had never been inside it. And I have to say it was not disappointing. Inside a simple Section created by the clustering and stacking of movie theatres combined with some good material explorations has added to the whole movie experience.

And the beautifully scaled and designed plaza on the outside just makes this project one of the most important pieces of architecture in this city of Architects.

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