23 February 2006

Escape into the Mountains (Hatta)

As a brief pause from the craziness of the city I managed to seek in a visit to the extreme South East of the Emirate (state) of Dubai to the beautiful oasis in rocky terrain of UAE – Hatta.

Though a popular haunt of citizens of Dubai and the neighboring Emirates Hatta seems to have been almost untouched by time. The sheer natural beauty of the mountains, date palm plantations and Wadis (a particular kind of streams running through these Rocky Mountains) is astounding.

However, most of the off-road tracks leading out of Hatta in almost every direction are visited only by a few adventure tourists and crazy Arab kids. Following instructions from an off-road guide to Dubai (and a kind Arabian tours guide) we went to what is known as the Hatta Pools.

Hatta Pools is a labyrinth of small Wadis (streams), Waterfalls and Pools that punctuate the seemingly flat bed of rock between the Mountains in the direction of Oman. The flow of water through these channels over years has completely transformed the hard rock into smooth flowing canyons which in my mind make up the most interesting and beautiful natural feature in and around Dubai.

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Anonymous said...

i have been immortalized online on your blog!!! from behind, if you want to get all specific about it. but nonetheless. next time we should go to oman. i went there yesterday and the hajar moutains are really breathtaking. no, i didnt take pics. i met some wild donkeys. beautiful!

sahil.latheef said...

Great! Oman it is.

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