28 February 2006

A decade a go, Dubai started small projects in distinct pockets - Pockets of Absurdities - where it would announce itself to the World. Today this absurdification project of Dubai has reached a similar point as that in Bombay where it ceases to be absurd any longer and it is in fact the city's new urban fabric. However, unlike the case of Bombay it is not due to the city's ability to absorb these projects but rather that the city has been absorbed by the absurdity.

In the past weeks back home I realized that whatever is left of the Dubai I grew up in, is now surviving in small Pockets – Pockets of Reality.

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Anonymous said...

apropos (as we say in the matrix when we dont know what else to say) to your comments on pockets of absurdity and reality. aldous huxley says that when london burned down in 1600, and christopher wren submitted plans to build a grand new city with wide avenues and proper sewage and water lines, a resentful populace huddled back to the familiar narrow 'characterful' shambling alleys, the sordid backroads, the filth and stench of the old gutters and the occasional pockets of munificience. london was rebuilt according to the old street plan, designed for carriages and pedestrians....it is claimed that walking the streets in london, you are never more than a few meters away from a rat...

A sioux leader once said "the life of the white man is slavery. They are prisoners in houses or farms..."

sahil.latheef said...

I am being stupidly nostalgic of my own past, and the spaces related to it. So I guess your criticism is right and well taken.

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