21 September 2010

Suzhou Museum

Before we left Suzhou back to Shanghai we managed to take a whirlwind tour of a very interesting museum designed by the most famous Chinese-American architect - I M PeiThe Suzhou museum was designed by Pei almost in parallel to when he was designing the Islamic Arts Museum in Doha and the similarities in design are very apparent although this is built in a completely different context. Check this post from Doha - http://goo.gl/Dsary - to see the parallels.
The rock feature in the central courtyard that pays homage to the use of rock forms in the traditional gardens of the city is to my mind the most interesting design feature of this complex.As always Pei is unable to imagine anything that is not pyramidal in its overall form..Even though the similarity with the museum in Doha is quiet disturbing the overall complex is quiet interesting and completely worth a visit if you had some time to spare in Suzhou.

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