07 February 2010

Singaporean Icons 01

In this posting I will share photos of a lot of architecture from Singapore.

I have broadly divided them into two categories: Firstly, the projects that helped put Singapore on the world architecture map and secondly, contemporary projects that are redefining it's cityscape.

So here's the first set :

  • Starting with the paradigm shifting Golden Mile complex, designed by Gan Eng Oon, William Lim and Tay Kheng Soon of the Singapore architect firm Design Partnership, now known as DP Architects.

  • People's park complex also designed by the same architects as the Golden Mile.

  • The next one is not a building but an iconic statue that has come to represent the city - the Merlion statue

  • OCBC centre by IM Pei, one of the first important commissions given to a famous foreign architect

  • The Colonade Condominiums designed by Paul Rudolph is probably the most interesting piece of architecture in the city!

  • The Raffles city (Hotel and Mall) designed by IM Pei

  • The Concourse also designed by Paul Rudolph as a "Tropical Skyscraper"

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