21 February 2009

Bye bye love!!!

Due to deepening economic crisis and still lingering colonial politics I have been forced to leave London. Last night to combat the extreme sadness of leaving behind my life here London I went with out my office friends and Meli to ‘Shunt’ probably the most interesting and unexpected experience I’ve had in London.. How ironic that it had to be on my last night in the city!!!

‘Shunt’ is a huge alternative art/performance/night-clubbish space housed below the London bridge railway station in a derelict labyrinth of railway arches.

This truly was a befitting end to my stay in this great city!!

I will miss London – its Hyde Park… its bus rides… its tea breaks… its museums with great exhibitions… and probably even its grey skies (I’m joking – not the grey skies!!)

However, most of all I will miss the great friends I’ve had/made here – some from my days in Mumbai.. some from Rotterdam … but mostly from here.......................Bruno, Kausha, Ninad, Bez, Paulo, Merce, Irina, Hina, Tina, Avani, Hrushikesh, Aditya, Adolfo, David, Seung Jong, Suyash, Maria Jose, Juliao, Gaurav, Ozlem, Diana, Sophie, Anna, Puja, Saurabh, Sachin and most of all Meli.. I will miss you all dearly!!!...

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