04 July 2008

Making special the NORMAL

Any architect that dares to say something like this today (in an age when every building wants to be the next Gherkin) is worth listening to carefully. On top of that if his work is as powerful as his words, it really is inspiring.

Last night David Chipperfield delivered THE lecture of this years London Festival of Architecture (I can't imagine anyone on this year's list being able to top this!).

He argued for Modernism ... of course a more humane .. more sensitive modernism ... but one that lacked not an ounce of its optimism!

Thru a series of his build projects he explained he struggle to evoke empathy towards architecture ... he stressed on how architecture was part of Memory and History of the city and the importance of this continuity.

Towards the end of his lecture when he was asked how he designed his buildings ... its proportions and dimensions he said : "It's all intuition; Architecture is not a science"

Wow .. that was a great lecture!!

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