16 October 2007

Cheddar Gorge and Caves

While I wait to hear from the offices I have applied to I'm spending most of my time at my brother's place, here in Weston Super Mare some 3 hours from London. Since I'm not particularly up to anything here he felt bad and decided to take his family and me to see the Cheddar Gorge just around 15 minutes from here. I was happy to get out and didn't quiet bother to check about the place online as he had asked me to do. Anyways, in my head I had almost dismissed it as probably nothing that great.

As we were getting there he told me that the world famous Cheddar Cheese is from here, the Gorge near the town is the largest in UK, that its very popular tourist spot and also has some nice nature walks around. He got my attention. But I still had no idea what to expect.I was quiet excited as we passed through the gorge - it had lots of people climbing the cliffs, others walking along its ridges - cos it just appeared out of no where in an otherwise soft and hilly English country-side. Yet I would appreciate its true beauty only when we entered one of its caves.
Since we were close to closing time and we were with his kids we could go into only one cave. So we decided to pick the bigger one - Gough's cave.
What amazed me was the scale of the cave, it was huge with large spaces inside and it just went on and on.
Apparently what we see is only a small part of what has been discovered so far and to see more you have to sign up for an adventure caving trip where they give you all the equipment and stuff.

The cave also has early stage Stalagmite and Stalactite formations. I would have never imagined seeing these here. This was a great surprise!!

Have to come back for Adventure Caving - but probably I'll wait till Summer (it was really freezing in there!!)

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