04 April 2007


In an article for ‘Foreign Policy ’(Jan/Feb 2005) - titled ‘Access Bollywood’ – S. Mitra Kalita (a reporter for the Washington Post) wrote – “Finally, , there is a word for where I live: Bollystan.

The term - Bollystan - was first used by Parag Khanna, when he guest edited the UK's ethnic lifestyle magazine Another Generation in Fall 2004. In his words “Bollystan is globalization desi-style (“desi” is Hindi slang for “from our country”), the universal consciousness of a Subcontinent. To describe it simply as core nation and diasporic periphery, however, would be anachronistic.

This snap was clicked a couple of months ago in London, or as comedian Russell Peters calls it ‘Our (Indians) Motherland ’ !!!

Read more about Bollystan by Parag Khanna here – http://www.egothemag.com/archives/2005/03/bollystan.htm
And the article ‘Access Bollywood’ here - http://www.egothemag.com/archives/images/artculture/Foreign%20Policy%20review%20-%20Jan%202005.pdf

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