15 January 2006

The War Room

This is one those working environments I had always imagined when I thought of studying in Europe.


Anonymous said...

What a phony character this Shweyta is

I, in all my proper American mannerism "Where can I get the train to Rotterdam from?"

Reached Rotterdam Centraal finally, only to find to the dismay of my spoilt American convenience, no escalator or elevator

(Impression: Was I being silly American or the ticket-counter lady seemed a tad bit rude?)

shame on you. you cant escape from the reality that you are just an American wannabe. Admit it! most pretentious and showy! what a sore loser! people like you are disgrace to any country, America or India.

aldrin stellus said...

wuzz up mate good to see ya blog...looks real fine..just talked to blesson(birthday 13th feb) and rejin back in dubai...they doing good..
the reason i left architecture is that most of the architects or heads of the firms were all s.o.b's..well atleast in bangalore.
miss doing my 3ds max work..so if u have any pics of ur work put it up...would look nice....
if ya need our guyz numbers ...just mail me ....i;ll send their numbers.....(dont have it now)..

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