18 January 2006

So a good few days of Bombay and KRVIA talk came to an end last night after Shweyta left for India.

(Farewell dinner at Bazar)

Check Shweyta's blog to see what she has to say about her trip to the Netherlands - http://shweyta.blogspot.com/.

It was great having you here Shweyta.


shweyta said...

Hey Sahil,
Had no idea you had posted this; just saw it today while randomly getting back to blogs I havent seen in a bit.
It was my pleasure to spend my Dutch vacation with you guys!
Hope to see you here soon!

sahil.latheef said...

Hi Shweyta,
Great to hear from you. I just received my schedule and I'll be mostly in NY around the 22nd of May 2006. Will keep you informed.

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