31 December 2005


After an exhilarating architectural journey in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona, I head north to UK for a relaxing New Year with a few familiar faces. After spending a few days with my brother I headed to London to meet Amrita, Avani, Pragya, Chintan and Nayan. It was a great week in London and Nayan was an amazing host.

Unlike all my previous trips to this great city this time around I took it really slow and easy; not wanting to kill myself trying to see everything I had not seen here. I think I've finally figured it out London like Mumbai is one of those cities that you never finish seeing. After staying all most Seven years in Mumbai I can say that there are parts of Mumbai I have never seen and probably never will but that okay, I guess there in lies the charm of the place - there always is more to see.

The New Year celebrations itself I thought was a bit disappointing, the great fireworks show didn't quiet live up to its name. However, It was nice to meet Kausha and Shyam.

Hopefully under the pretext of Gaurav going there in a couple of weeks I'll be able to make another trip to London.

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