31 January 2011

In the Blue City

Over the last 2 days I've been exploring the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan along with a large group - 40 students and 4 faculty colleagues - from the Balwant Seth School of Architecture, Mumbai. 

This is my first visit to the famed Blue City, besides seeing most of the popular sights of the city the students will be measure drawing a small group of house and it's adjoining streets near the Padamsar Talab just west of the imposing Mehrangarh fort. 

Here's a whole bunch of photos from the area that we've been studying: 
View of the Blue city from the Mehrangarh fort

The imposing Mehrangarh fort in the background
Here's a details of one of the houses that the students are drawing up.
Over the next few post I'll cover other parts of this city before moving beyond it's borders towards the Desert town of Jaisalmer.

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