10 April 2010

Driving across Pune

Had been to Pune today to attend a meeting and clicked these snaps on the way back..
Although I've been visiting the city quiet often during the last 6 months I still find the ubiquitous scarf clad women on two-wheelers fascinating. It's like a uniform here, most of them blame pollution and the harsh sun for its wide spread use but its baffles me that women in other (more) polluted cities in India don't care as much for their skin/health??

Anyways, in this post I want to focus on billboards - real estate billboards in particular - the city seems to be completely cladded in them.

I have categorized them as -
1. those that are trying to sell the actual project (ie have images of the actual proposal):
Enter where tomorrow begins today!
and The future has arrived!
How cool is that? : )

and 2. those that try to sell everything else other than the apartment (ie amenities, loans but mostly lifestyle)....
As you can imagine going green is really big now. Look at this one these guys have been green since 122 years!

But these last two are my favorites!
: )

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