30 June 2009

Ridiculously beautiful Switzerland!

Next day we were headed to Interlaken (where we were to halt at night), on route stopping at Montreux - where we took a quick walk around the city
and along its beautiful promenade along lake Geneva
its here that one of the most famous landmarks of the city stands - a statue of one of the city's most famous residents - Freddie Mercury
but our main destination here was Ch√Ęteau de Chillon (a small castle) near by
after the castle we then headed to Lausanne -

where we saw the famous Notre-Dame de Lausanne (below) that was restored by Viollet-le-Duc
then we caught the golden pass panoramic train, on which we had booked the most amazing seats possible - the ones right in front (where the driver is suppose to seat).
It was from this view while winding up and down the valleys
appreciating the many lakes
and the Alps that it really sank in - 'this really is a ridiculously beautiful country'.
Once you get here you too will stop wondering why people refer to this country as 'heaven on earth'!

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