13 November 2008

Liverpool Biennial

Went to see the Liverpool Art Biennial today. Here's a few posts some the interesting pavilions/installations and buildings I saw in the city.

The first set of photos are of a road site amphitheater designed by the Japanese firm - Atelier Bow-Wow
Like so many of their small architecture projects and installations this pavilion has a wonderful sense of urbanity and playfulness at the same time!

The next set is of a work by Yoko Ono and though I didn't quiet like her work I thought the venue - of a church bombed during the 2nd world war - was great.The only reason I can see for the organizers of this Biennial to include this work was the fact that most of the tourist coming to see all the events happening in this years European Capital of Culture would expect the Biennial to have something related to the Beatles in this their home town.

And the above image was made inside the famous and impressive Liverpool Cathedral which housed one of the works of the art biennial.

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