12 November 2007

Went to see the Stirling Prize winning library by Will Alsop yesterday with Ninad and Melisa.

I don't really like the work of Will Alsop, I find it with too much of 'Creativity' which is just annoying rather than producing anything interesting.

So I just had to see this - probably his most celebrated work - for my self to know what the fuss was all about.

Contrary to what I had thought up in my head the building does have some rather interesting aspects -
For once his 'Pods' seem to make sense and in a nice way estranges your idea of what a library should look on the inside (sadly he happens to try the same trick for every type of building he designs),
the building responds quiet well to the square in front of it (although the cage like metal mesh hanging from its belly is plain ridiculous!!!).

One last thing about the building - just trivia - I heard from someone who has worked on this project that the idea of putting the word 'Library' on top of it was a practical joke by some people in the office, but one that the client loved and noticed was removed in the final set of drawings. Then later insisted that it be put back and was built in actuality.

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