11 June 2007

New jubilance

Just back from spending a pleasant morning (with my sister) exploring the city of Bristol. Though this is supposedly one of the big cities of England, it hardly felt so.

For sure this had to do with the fact that today is a Sunday – with the risk of being blatantly generalizing I would say this phenomena of almost empty streets on a Sunday morning is one thing that truly unites Europe – nonetheless, it allowed us to set our own pace and walk through most of the central areas of the city.

Bristol is today known to most people for its great educational institutions and the presence of these can be very easily felt in the city. Besides this it’s not impossible to sense the historical importance of this city through its urban fabric and architecture. One such example is the main cathedral, which convincingly is one of Bristol’s most impressive structures.

Anyways, this small trip to Bristol with my sister at this moment in time would have not been possible if it wasn’t the fact that my brother who lives just an hour away in a small coastal town of ‘Weston Super Mare’ wasn’t having his second kid. Here’s a snap of his new born girl who is named Farheen (meaning: Jubilant) with his 15 month old boy – Fahad (meaning: wild cat).


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