07 January 2007

Happy 2007

In a slightly detailed celebration of the new year, along with cousins (Fawaz and Jazeel) went for my first powered-parachute ride above Ras-al-Khaimah (Which is some one and half hours north east of Dubai).
The concept of this ride is very simple - You glide/fly using a very basic propeller fan which gains elevation because of the parachute above.
A max of 3 hours can be flown in one go without having to stop for refueling. However, I would only afford a 15 minute ride this time around.
We flew over the coast of Ras-al-Khaimah - which like most other cities of the UAE is now investing in their own versions of strange organic shaped islands into the Arabian Gulf.
Sadly there wasn't much to see above this small town, nonetheless the powered-parachute seems to be a very interesting mode of transport to see and experience the city differently.

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