25 October 2006

A very interesting Lecture.

Just finished attending a very interesting lecture by Eyal Weizman as part of the Architecture and Power lecture series at the Berlage. His lecture was titled "Cumulative Radicalisation: Design in conflict" and it dealt with the use of planning and architecture by the Israeli Army as means of appropriating and controlling land.
Eyal is an Israeli architect and currently directs the Centre for Research Architecture at the Goldsmith Academy in London (a programme that he founded there).

[You can read an article about his research titled 'Politics of Verticality' here - http://www.netartreview.net/weeklyFeatures/Weizman_English.html or you could read an interesting interview here - http://cabinetmagazine.org/issues/9/wall.php or better still you can watch a lecture by him here - http://webcast.rice.edu/speeches/20040318weizman.html ]

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