14 October 2005

Light on the move

This (exhibition) was our actual aim of going to Amsterdam. The Exhibition titled - "Transitions - light on the move" . Seven Architects (/firms) from different parts of Europe were asked to light up containers using the most innovative lighting designs with obliviously using the best available technology.

This one was designed by Leon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten . An architecture firm based in Berlin.

Some random snaps from the exhibtion

Bytheway this was the only installation that was more of a product at a spacial lighting solution.

This one is designed by MVRDV

This one from the main lobby of this huge exhibition gallery (which was an old huge abandoned water tank)

This one has to be my favourite container.

The tunnel effect these series of light create was great

One more from the tunnel.

And that's my Italian friend - Gissi

And my favourite snap from the exhibition.

The last one - from outside the gallery.

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